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January 12, 2013
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count the shadows by Ask-Valtel count the shadows by Ask-Valtel
HUE HUE HUE not so carefully concealed Doctor Who references

Thank you to everyone who helped me out with his design and colors! Color scheme from here: [link]

Here's his bio! I would advise you to check back here often as he's a growing character and as such, his bio should grow too.

Name: Valtel Baenurden
- In Druhir, "Val-" means darkness and "-tel" means outcast. His last name (More accurately, his title), Baenurden, means "Blessed by the Darkness

Alias: Val

Occupation: None. He lives in the Evil Forest and steals from travelers.

Gender Identity: Androgynous

Sex: Male

Orientation: He doesn't care what you have between your legs and doesn't mind having one or multiple partners, either. It's very rare he feels a romantic attraction to someone, but that doesn't mean he's "cold" or anything of the sort. It just means it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, he'll probably get really clingy and play with your hair an awful lot.

Relationship Status: Single
(Sorry, but you can't be in a relationship with this character unless we're friends. It'd just be a little awkward for me, as a roleplayer. Also, I won't be doing that whole journal thing with the "WHO WANTS TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY FC" just because I feel like that's a little...strange? I'd rather our characters interact and have natural chemistry. )

Crush: None

Species: Ilythiiri. Known as Drow by most surface dwellers. They are a dark-skinned sub-race of elves that commonly live underground or in dark places. They are renowned militaristic and violent race that will not hesitate to cut down even their own family if it means their survival.
( I would suggest looking them up, but I do have different species rules for them and different headcanons as well, so if you want to ask me, all is well too! And if you need me to explain the reasoning behind these headcanons and rules, I don't mind doing that either. I do love rambling about physiology. Actually, just making a species sheet might be easier.... Some things are listed below.)
:bulletblue: They have quick heartbeats which carries blood quicker and allows them to heal and metabolize quickly. They have more blood in their body than that of a humans' and their blood often makes hemavores sick.
:bulletblue: Their senses of touch can be magnified at will. They are capable of picking up on vibrations and using it to locate things or even find subtle messages carved into stone. Their hearing is superb and they are capable of adjusting it to different "settings" and should their sight be cut off, they can successfully use echolocation. Instead of rods and cones, their eyes are equipped with octagons which aid their darkvision. Their eyes contain a reflective oil which gathers available light and reflects it, protecting eyes from light and allowing them to see better
:bulletblue: They can control some otherwise involuntary bodily functions to some extent. Mostly, they can switch on and off his auxiliary lungs, will themmselves into a trance (They don't sleep most of the time. They just sort of meditate. This doesn't mean they can't sleep, of course.), or control the output of some bodily chemicals (example: adrenaline).
:bulletblue: Immunity to most poisons, slow-acting radiation, and weak sleeping spells. They have really fast metabolisms, which mostly burn up poison before they do anything lethal. Poison can make them violently ill for a while, however it won't kill them unless it was designed specifically for their species.
:bulletblue: Semi-Immortality. And by that, I mean they could live for an impossibly long time if they aren't killed first.

Age: 103 yrs old. Appears to be physically around 17 or 18.

Birthday: January 11

Western Zodiac Sign: ♑ Capricorn ♑

Currently lives: In the Evil Forest. He won't say anything beyond that out of paranoia.

Voice: Justin Timberlake

(Black bullets are his abilities/weaknesses as a curseborn. Blue bullets are his abilities/weaknesses as an Ilythiiri. White bullets are just him. )
:bulletblack: The ability to summon and command shadows
:bulletblack: He can use shadows as portals and walk through them/disappear into them
:bulletblack: He can manipulate the mass of shadows so that they can become tangible
:bulletblack: He can attach an extra shadow and make it hide in a person's shadow so that he can keep track of them. If you suddenly find you have two shadows or your shadow is unnaturally dark, don't panic. It's probably just him about to mug you.
:bulletblack: He can conjure up dark fire, but only small balls
:bulletblue: (Rollover for link) Soul reading. He can't see memories unless he has direct access to your soul, though.
:bulletblue: He can levitate/float
:bulletblue: The ability to sense when something big is about to happen. Sort of like a gut feeling. Being an elf, he's in tune with the energy around him and sometimes he can feel when things are about to happen, whether he's consciously aware of this or not.

:bulletblack: Light dissapates any shadows he's conjured.
:bulletblue: Salt and iron can burn and trap him.
:bulletblue: Superior hearing doesn't get along well with loud noises. Especially ringing bells or running water. No, really. It drives him insane in the most literal terms. Noises only heard on certain planes bother him too. Like those little high pitched bug-beepers.
:bulletblue: Taking away his senses of touch, hear, and sight by whatever means is almost fatal, considering it is all he ever relies on.
:bulletblue: Vulnerable to psychological or mind attacks. Ex; Telepathy, mind control, mind probing, illusions.
:bulletblue: Sunlight and very strong lights burns his flesh and can cause him to go blind.
:bulletblue: Iron burns him, especially cold forged iron.
:bulletblue: Loud and high pitched noises can be extremely painful and drive him out of his mind if exposed to it for long periods of time.
:bulletblue: A variety of herbs can be used to trap and harm him although Witch's Hazel and St. Johns Wort tends to be more painful and can dispel any magic/shadows he has currently going.
:bulletblue: Holy water and other religious items seem to work, but only if believed in.
:bulletwhite: Since he's barefoot all the time, I guess stepping on a lego would count as a weakness.
:bulletwhite: But no, seriously. If you take away or harm his staff in any way, it'll seriously freak him out. The thing calms him down for some reason. Which I guess makes sense since it's been with him for almost a hundred years. He's bound to get attached.

Background: Valtel is a curseborn, meaning that he possesses a special ability that allows him to further use the shadow power that his race is born with. Unfortunately, with most Ilythiirian societies, the curseborn are feared for their powers and as such, Valtel was cast out in exile by the time he was around twenty years old.
Making his way on his own, he learned to further master his command over the shadows and learned to rely on himself for his own survival. He prefers to spend his time in the Evil Forest as it is nice and dark.

He's mad barking mental and never takes one thing seriously, being able to laugh at and find the humour in almost anything. Even at the most inappropriate times. Being alone and not having anyone to rely on in his exile, it's become habit to rely on no one but himself. Despite this, he exhibits a childish and even playful nature, almost eerily shadowed by his ability to be ruthlessly malignant. He'll insult you to your face if he deems that you deserve it and won't hesitate to bite your head off if he's cranky. He has the capability to be cruel with lashing silver-tongued remarks and cunning words and won't hesitate to use those words as weapons or to get his way. He has the tendency to get a little egotistical when it comes to his heritage (despite them exiling him, he hasn't shown any negative feelings about it) and even uses it as a threat, often becoming disheartened when he finds out that no one knows what they are.
He has a habit of playing the fool to throw people off his scent, but don't doubt that he's paying attention to every little thing you do to try and figure out if you have any anterior motives. After a hundred years, you learn to know better.
Valtel often tends to prank or rob passing peoples and go through their inventory for things he can survive off of (Read: Clothes and food. He refuses to take money or precious objects because even though he looks young, he's lived for a hundred years and understands sentimental value). If you're a child, however, chances are he'll play a few harmless jokes on you or guide you through the forest to safety.

- He enjoys talking to his shadows as if they were sentient and often manipulates them into shapes. He also talks to his staff too. It's actually starting to become a bit concerning.
- He never wears shoes, because he hates them and he feels like they're trying to suffocate him. He never lets his feet touch the ground. He prefers to float.
- He's ambidextrous, meaning he is neither right-handed or left-handed, but is equally adept at using both hands. (Does that even count as a quirk)
- He likes to twirl his staff around and toss it back and forth between both hands when he's anxious or nervous. It seems to calm him down. He hates parting without it and even refers to it as if it were a person, much like the shadows.
- He almost always has his hood up. His hair in the back is short
- He has an oral fixation and often flicks his tongue out. He apparently isn't aware that he does this.
- Being barefoot all the time, he probably uses his toes to pick things up and whatnot. Child, you are a monkey.
- He has like little to no self preservation instinct.
- He likes to float upside down a lot.
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Askduckessofdemons Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(( this October is amazing :D good job ))
Ask-Valtel Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Askduckessofdemons Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Ask-The-Great-Kazaa Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
(( Oh I love this character XD haha I think him and Kazaa would get along just fine XD they seem to be polar opposites even in occupation XD, but I do have a question, I get that he is a creature that uses shadows for allot of things. But shouldnt complete darkness be something that disables all of those powers? I mean there are no shadows if there is no light. Maybe just something you can think about if you want I suppose. What ever you decide I still really wanna RP with this guy XD ))

*a large traveling kart full of goods travels threw the forest, a small robotic dog like creature pulls the kart at a surprisingly quick rate for something of its size. In the kart sets a cloaked figure looking around for people and dangers, but nothing can be seen. after a little bit it stops in a small clearing of trees and the cloaked figure walks out*
Ask-Valtel Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH YES!! Thank you! I was looking for weaknesses to put up there, since the weakness to ability ratio seemed way too skewed for my liking, but I think I sort of fixed that for the most part? But. Hm. I dunno, that's a good point. I'll have to think on how that works. And thank you! I'd love to roleplay with your character! <':

Valtel was just floating about the treetops minding his own biz, when suddenly a moving cart being pulled by a tiny metallic dog caught his eye. He shook his head and blinked a few times. It wasn't until a sketchy lookin' kind of person hopped out of the cart that his curiosity piqued. After all, it wasn't every day that travelers came through here. Chewing on the inside of his cheek, Valtel eventually made the decision to slueth out what was in the hooded person's cart. The elf floated down low to the ground, and keeping to the shadows and the trees, he eventually worked his way around to the back....
Ask-The-Great-Kazaa Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
*the hooded figure made a small camp fire out of sticks laying around, and some dead leaves. The figure sits near the fire and the small robotic dog like creature joins its side. The cloaked figure pets the robot a few times, then walks back into the kart. A few minutes pass and the figure has not returned back out, the dog stays by the fire and lays on the ground*
Ask-Valtel Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Valtel kept low and squinted, trying to see what the cloaked figure was doing. After a few minutes of this, he quickly grew impatient and decided to go with a more direct method of investigation. If you could call simply floating up to the cart and sticking his head inside investigating.* Yo, you've been in there for a while. You aren't dead, are you? Ooh, fancy trinkets you got yourself in here. *Okay, yes. That works too.*
Ask-The-Great-Kazaa Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
*the figure was gathering food from a cabnit when Valtel popped in. It shocked it and it dropped the cans it was holding* Ah! haha, you scared me, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Great Kazaa! Traveling Shop keeper of OOO! As you can see my kart holds many great treasures! *points all around to the cluttered kart. But its looks bigger on the inside*
Ask-Valtel Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Valtel winced as the can hit the floor and sent the newly dubbed Kazaa an apologetic look* Ooh, yeah. So sorry 'bout that. I'm Valtel! Pardon me, but is your cart always so much...bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? *The boy squints then flips himself upside down. As if this somehow helped his vision, the odd boy grins brightly* Aha!
Ask-The-Great-Kazaa Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Oh its ok *laughs* I shop keeper never complains when someone comes to visit the shop. Unless of course they dont plan on paying for there items *sits down and looks at Valtel* So, as you can see, my shop has many great treasures inside. About everything you could ever want, so why dont you tell me, what dose your heart desire most?
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